I am 35 years old guy passionate by photography, drones and maker culture. I studied electronics and computer science and I am now an engineer. You will find more details about my profile on my LinkedIn.

I started photography in 2006, still learning every day! Photography touches a lot of aspects, not only art but contact with people, electronics, mechanics, computer science and chemistry. It is almost an infinite resource to express my passions.

Maker culture is one of the most interesting and important movement of these 10 years. Very fast 3D printing revolution is one of the evidence that it works and accelerate innovation. Sharing the knowledge, sources, and helping others is incredibly powerful, more than what I could imagine. Check my Github and my Thingiverse (and do not hesitate to give me feedback, fork a project or just say hello)!

In 2017, I have launched a brand of freestyle and racing drones called "eleven Quad". The first one is a small but very agile and fast 2.5 inch frame. It has features that no one could achieve (imagine?) in such a tiny size : check it out on RCGroups forum or buy it on Armattan Productions!

If you like to support my projects, check out my Patreon.

If you have a project, idea, parts to design, please feel free to contact me! Sharing knowledge is always a big pleasure!