Tiny Whoop

Tiny Whoop is a very small harmless quad originally made by a mix of an Horizon Hobby Inductrix and a tiny FPV camera glued on top of it. Horizon Hobby has now update the original Inductrix to add a camera. This page list upgrades and improvements you *have* to do.

Reinforce the frame
The original frame is a bit fragile and you have to reinforce it. You have to add glue in the small arms that link the motor to the propeller protections. This plastic is not gluing well, I am using Welder contact adhesive but I heard that Electrical Liquid Tape is doing a good job too.

Increase flight time
The original battery connector is a crap, you have to change it to increase the flight time and power! You have two choice : "Micro JST 1.25 Pigtail" or "JST PH 2.0 Pigtail" (aka Powerwhoop) . The first one is similar to the original but with better quality and less resistance. The second one is bigger and even better but you will need to change battery connector as well.

Use your Taranis instead of original remote
This is not an easy step, I dedicated a whole page on how to do this : here it is.

Model images for your Taranis
I have created two model images of the Inductrix FPV, you can download the zip here.