Vortex 250 Pro

I have started flying drones in 2015 with a home made DJI F450 based on CC3D. In Summer 2016, I have purchased my first FPV racing / freestyle quad, the Immersion RC Vortex 250 Pro.

This Vortex is unbreakable, I have crashed it into trees (a lot!), dirt, humid grass, concrete and it is still alive! The only thing I broke is the motor's shaft.

Here are some interesting links to customize or update the Vortex 250 Pro :
- RC Groups dedicated channel here
- A better camera like the Runcam Swift or Foxeer XAT600M HS1177
- Thingiverse pieces for 3D printing: Bumpers, HS1177 mount, Runcam HD 2 mount
- TBeacon is so far the best solution to find your drone in deep wheat. I do not use GPS feature because accuracy becomes really poor due to the carbon of the Vortex and when grass is too deep. It is also a bit lighter without GPS.
- Liftoff is a great simulator for training at home or during cold/bad weather. Here are better PID than original one. Some nice tracks available here: Freestyle inspired race, Tight Turns, MultiGP Regional Finals