Wood And Copper Computer

The first time I saw the Nofan CR-95C I laughed! Then, after some searches on the web I found this piece of copper really aesthetic. But what a shame, most (all?) of the computers I saw had the Nofan installed inside a case! This is how my project has started to grow in my head.

The external size of the wood cube is 23x23x23 centimeters, which is quite small when you have to put all components inside along with the best silent cooling possible. To solve this 3D puzzle, I spent many hours on Sketchup (3D modeling software). You can find the final result of this modeling in this gallery.

You can also see all steps I have done to get the actual result by looking at the project log gallery.

This project has been nominated "Mod of the Month April 2015" with 6 others projects on the famous bit-tech.net site. The full article is available here.

This project is still ongoing and is in its latest phases. I am currently doing latest adjustments, then I'll add feet and veneer (rosewood with beautiful lines).

Material: medium wood, rosewood veneer, aluminum